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Offshore Support and mattress installation south part 17&18
Offshore Support and mattress installation south part 15&16

Welcome to Sanat Gostar Kish (SGK) Website

S.G.K-Sanat Gostar Kish is founded at 2005 for arrange internationally the following functions:

• Construction engineering, Commissioning and Consulting on the Gas and Oil Projects.
• Fabrication / Installation of Onshore and Offshore Platforms and sub sea related activities.
• Repair / Modification Offshore Structural / Piping / Mechanical / E & I for Platforms / Topside Module.
• Pipe laying using pipe layer, or laying by tow methods (surface tow, off bottom tow …).
• Hydro test activities for oil and gas pipelines.
• Diving Management

SGK Co. provides a complete range of surface & Subsea works in offshore oil & gas industry in Middle East, Safely, Reliably and Profitably. We therefore have an obligation to our Clients to help them reach their volume targets which is possible for us through consistent leadership from the management team, a satisfied customer base and the committed support of our employees, vendors and sub-contractors, leading us to a sustainable business with steady and improving results to our stakeholders.