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Offshore Support and mattress installation south part 17&18
Offshore Support and mattress installation south part 15&16

Company Establishment

S.G.K-Sanat Gostar Kish is founded at 2005 for arrange internationally the following functions:

• Construction engineering, Commissioning and Consulting on the Gas and Oil Projects.
• Fabrication / Installation of Onshore and Offshore Platforms and sub sea related activities.
• Repair / Modification Offshore Structural / Piping / Mechanical / E & I for Platforms / Topside Module.
• Pipe laying using pipe layer, or laying by tow methods (surface tow, off bottom tow …).
• Hydro test activities for oil and gas pipelines.
• Diving Management


ISO 14001

ISO 18001

Diving Certificate

Beach Pulling

Diving Certificate2


Directing Manager

Name : Mahdi Haraj

Education : MS of Mechanical Engineering

E-mail :

Vice President

Name : Seyyed Mohammad Kazem Bazgosha

Education : Associate Chartered Management Accountant

E-mail :